Thursday, August 2, 2007

Due to people saying that i am a scam-
here is the actual reciept for it, that i have in my possession.  I erased the gift card number so it is not visible.  Yes there is a bunch of writing on the back of the card from me talking to apple dont pay attention to that.
thanks all for the support... i will be filing police reports tomorrow.
(and for those that say i am a whiny bitch who is looking at mark III's...that would be a purchase not made, but traded for with other photography equipment.)


jeffinator said...

Take them to small claims court.

Vlad said...

Hey, I hope everything goes well, Im sure eventually they will refund your money.

By the way, I live about 40 minutes away from Woodfield.

Imanta said...

Small claims court??? What are you going to accuse them of, having a bad POS system that transacts millions of dollars per day and only choked out on this one card?

Seriously, get the authorities involved. It is that simple. It will force their hand.

JRHelgeson said...

It sounds to me that you have become a victim of the New and Improved version of organized crime. This is a classic case of return card fraud & abuse. Loss Prevention professionals are very wise to this scheme where criminals clone the cards, then wait for them to be activated & used at the register. They "Dial for dollars" (an industry term) to see when the card has become activated, then they go shopping. Apple is probably just now seeing this, whereas Wal-Mart, Target, and other major retailers have seen this going on for some time.

jeffinator said...

The 'authorities' are not likely to care, and will consider it a civil matter. That's what small claims court is for, and you accuse them of providing you with what what purported to be worth money, and in fact was valueless. It's up to them to solve the problem.

It's a FRAUD that they are liable for. You can win in small claims court against big companies, it's quick and easy to file, and it happens all the time.