Friday, August 3, 2007

Things are being worked out with apple!

Apparently there was one piece of the puzzle missing which got taken care of muchhh faster when the news spread of this.  

Things are being remedied as we speak

patience does pay off, and that is what makes the apple community great.

I have been told apple is also looking into changing is gift card systems as well which is great for those who might have troubles in the future.

Thank you all for your support... this blog is now closed.

It worked?

Apple called me at 7am this morning.

They said they received my emails and such.

We will see what happens.

Thank you all for the support.

I think there is a real issue here with the systems these companies have in place for their gift cards. I too believe its true, gift cards a HUGE consumer product division now and security isn't really keeping up.

Here are some interesting links i found:
To answer the question of michael and others:

why did i get the gift card in Chicago and go up to Wisconsin (milwaukee)

well my Girlfriend (who is wonderfully supportive of this fight) lives in chicago, and i simply was there for the weekend.  So i took it with me figuring i could just take care of it if we ended up going to the mall or i did or something.  So monday rolls around, and i drove back up to milwaukee.  I went to the local apple store, and tried to use the gift card.  Plain and simple.

As to my  parental relationship:

I am angry and offended that some of you will comment on the parenting my mom and dad do.  I am incredibly fortunate to have them and the life that i have.  Yes, all parents help out their kids in college. Heck, my brother goes to school in colorado and my parents help him out too!  The gesture they made by giving me the software is wondeful and its sad what has happened.  I have been seeing about CC info, but since it was returned, that kind of closed that loop right then, from what i have been told.
For those leaving comments, please keep them PG-

i only am deleting comments that contain obcenities, etc.

i can absolutely say that i will never do a blog again after all of this is over with...sheesh

Thursday, August 2, 2007

Ok theres been a TON of questions coming in on Digg regarding this:

yes, a 2000.00 piece of software (after tax) - it was given to me as a present by my dad(and mom too i spose) but, i already have i didnt need it.  I am originally from out of state (missouri) and i needed the new computer anyways, so...didnt have a need for the original receipt, i was just going to return the cs3, get a gift card, and get a mac pro (which they didnt have any refurbs in the store at the price point so i was going to wait and get it in milwaukee)

I need the computer for my graphic design in photography class. Everybody in this class is basically required to have a new mac as part of the program i am in..just like some of the CAD students i know are required to have certain other computers.

So that takes care of the receipt and computer questions

I had not contacted the police, because really i didnt know any better.  Apple care kept telling me that "we would find a solution for this" but obviously that hasnt happened.

I dont know the correct term, whether its theft, or fraud, but somethings fishy on the apple end i dont think they are telling me everything.  They say they have the tapes, yet the are or arent looking at them. Or the have... im not really even sure... and as to why they wont tell me more...they say "thats all the info we have here at Cust. Rel."

and for those who havent been in competitive college environments in 25 years...give it a try...then u will understand how easy it is for a class to be dropped based on requirements...

and please stay respectful of me, my family, and this whole situation

Due to people saying that i am a scam-
here is the actual reciept for it, that i have in my possession.  I erased the gift card number so it is not visible.  Yes there is a bunch of writing on the back of the card from me talking to apple dont pay attention to that.
thanks all for the support... i will be filing police reports tomorrow.
(and for those that say i am a whiny bitch who is looking at mark III's...that would be a purchase not made, but traded for with other photography equipment.)

Now on Digg.Com!!

thanks all for the support and keep on going!

also i filed a claim with a Better Business Bureau of Silicon Valley so i hope to be hearing from them

Also APPLE has taken down my post on the APPLE discussion forums!